Hi, I'm Jeff Wagner. How can I help you?

About Me

What I do may be all about you...

But here's some info to help you get to know me!

I grew up in Oxnard, CA, and graduated from Oxnard High School then UC Santa Barbara. As an adult, I built a relatively successful sales career and purchased a house in my hometown. I take pride in my family and enjoy spending time with my wife & two awesome children.

I'm not an obsessive sports fan, but my favorite pro teams are the LA Clippers, Pittsburgh Steelers - Pirates - Penguins, LA Rams, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Dodgers, Lakers, and San Diego Padres.

I spent the first half of my career selling directly to consumers, while the second half has been mostly business to business. In the meantime, I started several businesses and performed a number of side hustle gigs.

In addition to my position as SAE for Toshiba, I also coach Track & Field for Santa Clara High School and continue to help business owners while investing in a variety of income streams.

Now I'm taking the next step to share what I've learned about sales, marketing & life. Drawing on my diverse background, I can help you with just about anything. If I can't, I can think of a few people who can!

Toshiba Account Executive:

USATF Level 1 Track & Field Coach at Santa Clara High:

My car is 100% electric:

Yes, I look a little like Ed Helms:

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