Jeff Wagner

Hi, I'm Jeff Wagner. How can I help you? 

Coach Jeff Wagner

I built a modestly successful sales career and learned to master my finances through automation. I take pride in my family and enjoy spending time with them. In addition to coaching personal finance, I also coach track, cross country, and basketball.

Let me help you achieve your goals as well! I can coach you through your personal finance and/or fitness journey. Learn how to automate your way to financial independence and peace of mind!


Everyone should read Dave Ramsey's

The Total Money Makeover

I waited too long to follow Dave Ramsey's advice. Until I found him, I looked to too many money experts that emphasized leverage instead of avoiding debt. Dave helped me realize that you are not financially free until the debt is behind you with some money in the bank. If I haven't given you a copy of The Total Money Makeover yet, get yours on Amazon here: