Jeff Wagner

Hi, I'm Jeff Wagner. How can I help you? 

More About Me

I grew up in Oxnard, CA, and graduated from Oxnard High School and then UC Santa Barbara. As an adult, I built a modestly successful sales career and settled down here in my hometown. I take pride in my family and enjoy spending time with my wife & two awesome grown children. I also enjoy coaching track, XC, and basketball.

Let me help you achieve your goals as well!

I am a Senior Account Executive for Toshiba. In addition to Toshiba hardware and software solutions, I employ a variety of other resources to help businesses, non-profits, and government agencies realize their document workflow goals. 

I created this website as an introduction to those who followed my email domain. It has grown with affiliate and referral links as well as blog posts based on my life experience. If you have any suggestions for my site, please let me know. Thanks for visiting! 



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