My Sites

These are sites I have built over the years:
Auto Locator, Inc. - My close friend and business mentor needed a website and social media management. He has been in business since 1991 selling, brokering, and buying economy to luxury vehicles.

Mail Shop Oxnard - Another good friend wanted an online presence to promote his postal store. After his business merged to Shores Postal, we altered the site to keep the message going strong. 

SmartPlate by Hurst Graphics - - Hurst Graphics needed a clear way to differentiate the types of products they sold. I made an informative website and connected it to email marketing and social media. Telemarketers - - Fast, efficient, and honest, has become a reputable and well-known telemarketing service. After over two decades of Business to Business and Business to Consumer sales, I gathered a group of aggressive yet professional telemarketers. Our team is up for every job!

More sites coming soon!