About Me

What I do may be all about you -
But here's some info to help you get to know me!
I grew up in Oxnard, CA, attending local public primary schools before graduating from (old) Oxnard High School. As an adult, I built a relatively successful sales career in the automotive industry and purchased a house in my hometown. I take pride in my family and enjoy spending time with my wife & two awesome children.
Now I'm taking the next step to share what I've learned about sales, marketing & life with you. Drawing on my diverse background, I can help you with just about anything. If I can't, I can think of a few people who can!

How can I help you?

To keep my skills sharp, I've studied the following materials:
The first "business to business" sales book I read,  Getting to VITO (The Very Important Top Officer): 10 Steps to VITO's Office by  Anthony Parinello, sparked my sales career. My years of inside sales experience prepared me for the sales process, but outside sellers need to create the sales process. VITO showed me how valuable time is for top decisionmakers and laid out a step by step process to get together with them. It helped me implement my letter & follow-up call campaign, which I incorporated into a daily routine to make it a habit.

Canon sales training follows Buyer-Approved Selling: Sales Secrets from the Buyer's Side of the Desk (The Approved Series) by Michael Schell. This book teaches people how to sell by sharing the buyer's point of view. It not only points out the negative aspects of "Cold Calling," it also shows how ineffective approaches further inconvenience the potential customer. I really enjoyed reading this book & made it cover to cover in only a few days. As an outsider to the industry, I needed this book to show me how buyers think and how they prefer to be approached. 

Business to business sales usually feature longer buying cycles, which Buyer Approved clearly demonstrates. While its telemarketing tips opened many doors for me, I continued to seek new ways to get more appointments. My company requires reps to spend entire days on the phones setting appointments, and I needed to increase my effectiveness. I next found Cold Calling Techniques That Really Work by Stephan Schiffman. This book simplified everything for me. After many calls, I ended my days with too few appointments on the board. I read Schiffman's book in one night, and it reminded me to ask for the appointment. Seems easy, but when you're on the phone, it's easy to forget.

Cold calling alone does not build a successful sales career, so I sought after new ways to prospect. While networking through LinkedIn, I saw an ad that read “Never Cold Call Again - Cold Calling Is A Waste of Time.” Following that link brought me to Frank Rumbauskas. He introduced me to the “System of Systems” marketing plan. I spend time cold-calling, as my company requires, but share those efforts with other symbiotic marketing methods.

I next needed to learn how to market myself on a budget. I explored the bookshelves of my local Barnes & Noble writing down title after title before deciding on the Guerrilla Series. Page after page of these books reveal some of the most clever guerrilla marketing strategies. Every day I try to use a new publicity technique, and these books keep the ideas flowing.

Studying marketing led me to David Frey, a nationally known small business marketing consultant. Reading his list of free reports convinced me to study his Small Business Marketing Bible. This e-book clearly lays out a plan for thriving marketing. Following this step by step guide practically guarantees prosperity (He actually offers a money-back guarantee). Many small business owners neglect the “sales” side of their business until it’s too late. He helps us avoid that mistake.

David focuses much of his training on referrals, since word-of-mouth is the strongest form of marketing. His Instant Referral System teaches that referrals go beyond customer service and shows how to “train” customers to send you business. One secret I’ll share with you that he uses, SendOutCards, allows you to show sincere appreciation without adding to your busy schedule. That’s why I added it to my “system of systems.” I jumped right into SOC, because I’ve always enjoyed sending cards but struggled to find the time.

Studying marketing taught me that I could use the Internet to spread my message in a less intrusive manner. Prospective customers can log in at their convenience to get updates or learn more about me or my products. To increase my web marketing effectiveness, I studied a number of reports, such as this one from SiteBuildIt to accomplish my goal of building a simple yet useful website.