Why Telemarketing in the Digital Age?

  • PhoneHawks - Aug 12, 2020 - 2 min read

We live in a technological era. Speed is the name of the game. Data is everywhere. Content is King. And, there are massive options for marketing channels.

Making a decision on which marketing channel is challenging the least and traditional channels like direct mail and telemarketing can sometimes be overlooked.

Some people cringe when they hear the word telemarketing. It’s understandable because it is often associated with traditional outreach methods of days past. Telemarketing for many is synonymous with harassment, scams, and fraud. Nevertheless, telemarketing outreach is still a go-to method for B2B marketers. That is difficult to avoid. But in today’s digital age, does it still work?

I would be very direct and say that telemarketing is still effective. But I will also say that it is not the telemarketing that we know from the 80s or the 90s. A new type of telemarketing emerged and it is still effectively being used and implemented by a lot of companies today.

Telemarketing changed a lot and one of the major reasons that ushered the changes are federal marketing restrictions. Restrictions and regulations like the National Do Not Call Registry have made it difficult for brands and companies to use old telemarketing campaigns.

Technology has also advanced in so many ways. The old telemarketing focused on volume calling. However, these calls had high rejection rates and low returns. Companies today utilize new tools and software that not only give sales efficiency but also better effectiveness that they might not get from old techniques.

This kind of advancement arms new types of telemarketers with relevant information about prospects even before making a call.

Here are some reasons why the new telemarketing is effective:

People Connection

The age of social media and digital can be a lonely thing. Marketing emails are usually impersonal and instant messaging is often misunderstood. In this context, the new telemarketing is a great way to bridge people. The impact of an informative voice on the phone can be a huge benefit and can build stronger connections. Talking to a person one-on-one allows a rapport to be established. This rapport makes a lead more confident in making a purchase.

Immediate Feedback

Since the new type of telemarketing has still a direct line to the people, you gain and develop product validation and feedback through conversations with them. These are valuable pieces of information and interaction you might note get from other marketing or sales means.

Shift in Purpose

Consumers are now well informed and educated and the tasks and purpose of sales have also changed. They are now focused on being helpful consultants of their prospects. The new telemarketing approach does not only concentrate on selling but more on building their company’s brand and reputation.

Less Invasive

Telemarketing of today is all about delivering the right experience to customers. It allows brands and companies to move beyond the phone and communicate with prospects in ways they prefer. These interactions are less invasive and more convenient for customers.

Technology has done wonders for marketers. However, much of the good it has done can be undone if companies don’t combine that technology with more tried-and-true marketing tactics.

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