Four Lead Generation Strategies

  • PhoneHawks - Oct 30, 2020 - 3 min read

The Four Lead Generation Strategies to go with B2B Telemarketing

Getting prospects converted over the line is quite challenging.

When done right, B2B telemarketing works well. When done in conjunction with Lead Generation

tactics, telemarketing works incredibly well.

Blogging and posting on social media networks as part of your B2B telemarketing strategy will definitely increase your conversion rate. And it will reduce any fears that you have that your business will not meet its lead generation targets.

We have put together 4 ways to boost your lead volumes at the same time as your B2B telemarketing.

Follow Up Spree

Keep your fingers on the pulse with companies that you’re hoping to work with. Join the conversations.

Keep your company at the forefront of people’s minds.

Everyone is important – potential client or not. Cherish every subscriber – they have shown engagement with your product or service early on, so a follow-up call from your B2B telemarketing team will be seen as a natural continuation of the buying process.

Blog it up

If you want more leads from your blogs and social media posts then you must update them regularly. Educate your visitors and offer something valuable to them. Helpful and informative writing about your services can not only boost your SEO, it can positively impact the efforts that your B2B telemarketing is doing for your marketing.

Convert with care

In order to help with SEO and boost lead volumes, you can offer appropriate Calls-to-Action alongside your blogs and social media posts. Prospects are way more likely to click on CTA’s that are clearly related to the topic of your content and direct them to further information about your company.

People attract people

This may be obvious but include your contact information in every blog post or social media network update. If you want to actively generate leads – make sure that your prospect can contact you!

Some prospects qualify themselves as leads by enquiring about the benefits of your product and service.

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