Firm or Freelancer?

  • PhoneHawks - Oct 23, 2020 - 3 min read

Is it better to hire a telemarketing firm than a telemarketing freelancer?

There’s a range of options out there when looking to outsourced a B2B or B2C marketing campaign. As a business there’s a lot of things to consider:

· Do you want in-house or out-sourced?

· What kind of marketing channels do you want to be going after?

The list goes on...

The list goes on, really. But one question continues to pop up in this discussion. Is it better to use a telemarketing company in comparison to a freelance telemarketer?

Now our answer might be biased because we are a telemarketing company but first hear us or read further.

On the outside, it may seem like these services are very similar so the quality of service that they provide must be the same. We’ll not necessarily. Here’s why we think outsourcing a COMPANY is WAY BETTER than hiring a freelancer… no offense to freelancer out there.

The Advantages of Outsourcing A Company

1. Cost-saving – It helps companies to have more streamlined business as it helps them reduce their labor costs by a significant margin. When a company utilizes a third-party service, it enlists the help of professionals to complete certain tasks that are done better in comparison to the in-house capabilities of the company.

2. Security – Lead generation companies have a lot more to lose if a campaign doesn’t go well – they can’t hide away as freelancers can, they have to face the music if there is a bad campaign. Therefore, outsource company are more likely to be transparent than a freelancer. For us, we provide call recordings and more to make sure that there is full visibility over the campaign. This means that business and clients are kept on track with each other, and there is an open conversation to ensure that the campaign is as successful as it could be.

3. Scalability – An outsourcing company also enables a business to scale its outsourcing term in alignment with their actual needs whereas freelancing is just one person.

4. Efficiency - Companies can also improve their efficiency and productivity because they can hire professionals with experience and specialized skills and therefore are better-equipped and more effective in performing the campaign as it is their area of expertise.

How about Freelancing then?

On the outside, it seems like freelancers are cheaper and easier to deal with rather than an outsourced company. However, freelancers are at liberty to take on tasks and functions from a varied clientele of many companies. As freelancers are responsible for several contracted jobs, the quality of their output could be subpar to that of the client’s specifications.

Not only this, freelancers are held to such a high standard as companies when it comes to security. Since freelancers have the freedom to work on projects conjunctly, this poses a security risk for companies that share data or information. This information could be misused, mishandled, or unintentionally exposed if a freelancer isn’t careful.

So, for your peace of mind, we can see why outsourcing can outweigh freelancing in terms of telemarketing campaigns. Outsourcing offers an efficient and effective alternative to hiring in-house or hiring in a freelancer. There is also an opportunity to upscale the campaign with an outsourced company, whereas hiring in-house/hiring a freelancer doesn’t give that luxury.

As always, when looking for a marketing solution, it is so important to be well-informed first about the advantages and disadvantages of any campaign. Our services are here to help you make an informed decision.

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