What's Up With This?

Post date: Apr 18, 2012 12:36:59 PM

So here's another guy telling you how to get rich quick. He wants a few dollars (anywhere from $5 to $5,000) to share his secrets with you. You do your homework and learn that this guy has made a fortune in real estate, casino gambling or selling his internet start-up. What a great person to learn from; a regular Horatio Alger. Do you wonder why if this person is so rich & living so comfortably, is he selling you some book or seminar?

Maybe he’s not so rich. Financial planners get paid to advise you how to invest your money. I would assume they are doing well because they're following their own advice. But what about if they're just starting out? I've had friends try their luck at brokering stocks and the like. It's a lot more like "Pursuit of Happyness" than "Wall Street." As for that tycoon, that's just the rich getting richer. That course or book you bought just made it happen a little more quickly.

I have no motive other than to share and perhaps help. I sell no products that help people become financially secure. I do have some ads, but that's just me trying to cover costs...maybe a few pennies here & there. I'm a salesman, a web marketer, and a one time tax preparer. One thing I know a lot about is how not to get rich. I can share those ideas like crazy.

I do remember a time in my life when things were going pretty well. I was young and financially secure, but there were a few key decisions that I made, that impeded me from being set for life. I can pinpoint one or two events in my financial history that would have given me the financial freedom my family deserves, but I chose the opposite.

Life has taught me some valuable yet painful lessons. In this blog, I plan to share these lessons with the world in hopes of helping others make sound financial decisions. Pretty much everything you do in life comes down to a decision. I'm talking about decisions like eating well, avoiding drugs, driving safely and so on. Of equal importance should be deciding to use money wisely.

Not just saving money for the sake of saving it, but making it work for you. Knowledge, support and discipline will lead to financial freedom. Do you want a wake up call? Where were you financially 10 years ago? Where are you now? What have you changed? If you change nothing, where will you be in 10 years? How about 20?

With this post, I'm launching online workshop of getting (as Robert Kiyosaki puts it) out of the rat race. This is not a get rich quick plan, but it most definitely is a get rich plan. If you want to try it your way, no problem...I hope I've helped a little. If you want to see what my experts and I have to say, stick around. Check back often for updates!