Rainy Saturday

Post date: Dec 12, 2009 5:09:38 PM

Howdy folks! Here we are on a rainy Saturday with a busy weekend in store. Today I'm meeting with my life insurance agent. My goal will be to reduce costs. His? Probably to fit more insurance into my limited budget. I can picture it like this, "Now Jeff, doesn't $9 per month for X coverage seem like a small price to pay for the security of your family?" Perhaps the wife & I can make a date night out of it...

Usually I go into the weekend with aspirations to build websites, put together marketing packages, read books, work on certifications & visit with family, but usually I end up watching a bunch of TV. I did put together a pretty interesting site last weekend for Star Financial Services. This is the same office I filed taxes from last year. This year I'm expanding on the brand they established a few years ago. This will help me move VacationTax.com up one level by not tying it to one particular location.

I've also been having fun creating videos with Animoto. They upload directly to YouTube which makes it easy to share or embed. My low cost web designs will offer these videos or any other YouTube video, so that will be fun. On top of that, I've been working on other ideas for The Complete Social Media Management Service. There are quite a few business owners out there who are so busy, they have no idea how quickly & easily they can build a presence on the web.

Upcoming projects:

Joe Becerra, my plumber & longtime friend, has wondered for years about the best way to get established on the web. For the last few years, I've searched for him on Google by his business name. He didn't even know that he came up on that & was really impressed! Another small world (or small town) moment, he maintains a mailbox at Plaza Mail Center, walked by my sign there a hundred times & thought about calling. Funny thing: He didn't know I was the Jeff on that sign! For Joe I'm building CountywideRooterandPlumbing.com to enhance his presence on the web. Probably not much there now, but check back for changes.

Eliseo Cisneros, as many of you know, successfully markets his mortgage services through Facebook. There he shares his personal updates & industry knowledge with clients & friends. This balance creates a complete online persona that supports the theory that people would rather conduct business with friends or people they know. His strategy also includes website, but his previous web host was both limiting & expensive. He desires a comprehensive "landing page" where current & potential clients can learn from his vast experience as well as contact him with questions or for an appointment. Stay tuned for more updates on what we hope will be EliseoCisneros.com!

Happy Holidays!

I hope you & yours are staying safe while enjoying this holiday season. If you still have a few cards to send, don't forget about SendOutCards. I really enjoy sending the cards & hearing the responses of those who get them. I've been sending one every few days either for birthdays or whenever the moment strikes. For shopping, I strongly support local stores like Salzers & registered for the 3/50 Project. Heck, the whole point of VacationTax.com is to help mom & pop tax shops compete with the big boys. But sometimes I can't resist a quick visit to Amazon.com for that impulse purchase. If anything, I use their wishlist to keep track of the things I would like if I had the time or funds.

Bottom line: However you shop or celebrate, stay safe & be happy!