Blog 6, Post 1

Post date: Dec 7, 2009 6:33:14 AM

I've tried to start five blogs that I can remember. Hope number six sticks.

The first one was a LiveJournal account before I even knew there was such a thing as blogs. That was for a UCSB class. Was it Science Fiction? I let that go after the class ended but tried to re-ignite it a couple of years ago when I noticed I was forgetting a bunch of family memories (kids' milestones, etc). My LJ account is still out there somewhere. I'll have to look it up sometime. 

    Then when I started SendOutCards, I started a blog to document the cards I sent. I enjoyed looking back at this nearly daily tally, but keeping up with it got burdensome. It was enough work to send all the cards, much less write a paragraph or even a sentence about it. My last entry came, as it turns out, right when Yahoo! dropped its 360 blog program, so that one's history. 

   Blogger has been out for a while & probably isn't going anywhere. I started my Travel Tips Blog to add an additional service for clients. Then I met some influential financial planners & started VTax Shares the Wealth to document my financial planning studies. That one's an ongoing project that I know I'm going to have fun with. Finally, there's VTax Social Media to go along with my new Complete Social Media Management Service. That one started well but got put on hold because a few of the Twitter services I use shut down. I'll have that back up again soon. 

    So here's my sixth attempt. I hope to inform & entertain. Have fun!

2020 Notes: I still send cards, but do it on my own the old fashioned way. I loved SendOutCards but couldn't get the business to work. Turns out I am the only one of my friends who enjoys sending cards so much. did not work out because I did not enjoy filing taxes. The business model would probably work better in the better-connected society we have now, but I am not interested in buying that domain back for what they want. I'm surprised the two blogs I linked are still there. They have some good information. Unfortunately, my social media management service was short-lived due to early changes in Google apps and Twitter services. I still help a few businesses with social media, but I don't manage them full time like I once did.

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