Do you need to keep your car plugged in during the pandemic?

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Yes, even if you drive a gasoline powered car, you may need to keep it plugged in to a battery charger should you plan to not drive for an extended period of time. Recently I went out to start my car that has been sitting for weeks due to the pandemic, and it did not start. This would not have been a problem had I kept it connected to a charger similar to this NOCO Genius 1.

To avoid confusion, this is not a jump starter like the popular TackLife T8 800A, it's a trickle charger meant to keep your battery juiced while your car sits without the alternator able to keep the battery going. If you plan to leave your car for more than a week, it's a good idea to connect the battery to a charger.

Overall, buyers rate the NOCO Genius 1 as a good charger with many handy features with many buying more than one for their fleet of commuter and recreational vehicles. It works well in all temperatures from freezing winters to scorching summers.

If you plan to leave your car for some time, simply plug in and connect to the battery terminals. As the battery charges, the device knows to slow to maintenance mode to keep it charged without overloading. When you are ready to drive again, disconnect, unplug and you are set to go.

Get your charger on Amazon here: