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March 2010 News Newsletter
Tax & Travel News
March 2010
We at strive to keep you up to date with relevant & interesting tax & travel related news.
Yes, time has already changed to daylight savings, but have the times changed? Your taxes are still due by April 15, so if you're procrastinating, the last minute is fast approaching! 
We hope you're satisfied with your current tax professional, but if you still need help finding one, start at We file your taxes. You take a vacation!
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Hire A Tax Preparer
See Me Then Go Away
The Web System
Not filed yet?
Consider these taxing family matters:
How to file
The annual ritual of preparing your tax return can generate countless questions, but some of the most basic come right at the start.
Decisions about who in the family needs to file a return and how they should file can be almost as puzzling as figuring out appropriate deductions. Should a married couple automatically file a joint return (Read the full article on
Tips for when and how to hire a tax preparer
RelaxAngie Hicks , founder of Angie's List, a leading provider of consumer ratings of local businesses, offers advice on how to decide whether it's time to get professional tax assistance.
When is it preferable to hire help in preparing taxes?

Many people tackle their taxes on their own, but nearly half of respondents (Read the full article from Salt Lake Tribune)
Begin your search for a tax pro at!
Introducing Stephen Joyce - The Most Interesting Man In The World...Of Travel
Stephen Joyce
Ventura Chamber of Commerce two times Ambassador of the Year, Stephen Joyce,
invites you to see him then, please, go away!
If you know him, you know his tagline,
"Come and see me and then, please, go away!"

We developed a website for Stephen designed for him to share his world travels. Not only has he been able to see the world, he's been able to see the world for less! If you want to learn about some of the most beautiful places in the world, or if you want to travel, but can't decide where to go, start there!
See Me Then Go Away
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